Monday, February 19, 2018

Snow Motion

Snow motion has been cancelled for 2/10 due to weather.

For the past several weeks, second graders have been going to Cochran's for P.E. class. The students have been LOVING this wonderful opportunity that they have been given. How fortunate are we to have Mrs. Cochran working with us? I have attached some pictures from out adventures. Thank you Mr. G for making this possible!

Thursday, February 15, 2018

100th Day and Valentine's Day

Monday was our 100th day of school. One activity we did was the 100 book challenge. The students had 30 minutes to try and read 100 short books. The classroom was silent as the children read book after book. When the time was up, the children had surpassed our goal and read 130 books! Valentine's Day was a great celebration as well. The students made their own mailbox bags and had a chance to pass out the valentines they brought in. You could really tell how much this class cares for each other. This has been a very special week already.

Friday, February 9, 2018


The past several weeks in science we have been exploring walls. We started off by taking a closer look at some earth materials (sand, soil, and clay) and what properties they possess that could potentially make a good mortar. Next in our experiment was to test these earth materials and see which ones could withstand a sticking and earthquake test. The children were mostly in agreement that the clay was showing properties of an excellent mortar. As groups, the students created a mixture using at least two of these earth materials to make the strongest mortar they could. Using this mixture, the students built rock walls. We put these walls to the test using a miniature wrecking ball (golf ball). The students designs were amazing, but there is always room for improvement. The children went back to the drawing boards to see what they could improve to make their walls even better. The children came up with some great ideas. This unit has been a blast, and we are very excited to pass along the pictures of our adventure.


We have concluded our culture unit with studying many aspects of culture from China. Below are pictures of some of the projects that we did ...